Getting The Ex Back – How Bad We Really Want It?

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Without further ado, the Kev07 top 10 signs which we have moved about.

You could create a ex miss we by disappearing completely off their existence.

Nevertheless, there are many guides plus suggestions available which try to teach what somebody will do to receive an ex lover back.

7 thoughts on “Getting The Ex Back – How Bad We Really Want It?

  1. lets roll

    Its been one month since my ex girlfriend dumped me. I have been a complete wreck since then. I loved her and still do love her so much, she means the world to me.
    But im pretty certain she doesnt want anything more.
    I have been crying out of nowhere almost everyday, i dream about her and wake up crying. I hate how i cant just ignore those feelings i have for her, and i honestly hate my freakin life right now. Everyday is filled with heart ache, and ive tried, but all the girls ive met and hung out with are just girls to me now. I want more than anything to just be happy, and be able to look at all the hot girls there are and be like, awesome, shes hot, instead of, she doesnt look anything like my ex.

    This is the worst feeling ever. Anybody, how did you get over your ex and lose that horrible heart ache?????

  2. mike s

    Alright.. Well.. I am still completely head over heels for my ex. And we broke up Friday. (2/24/12) And he means so much to me! We have spent week in and week out for the past 2 months. Rodeo’s, dinners, movies, my house, his house, No we haven’t had sex. And we both don’t plan on it.. But, we have been fighting non stop this past week. One because he still has a picture of his ex in his wallet and love letters from her.. He even told me he misses her. And than once we broke up he posted on Facebook that he was glad he finally got to talk to her again and that he was going to have so much fun at the Dierks Bentley Rodeo and Concert that night.. I want him back so bad!! But I don’t know how to get him back! And one of his best friends likes me… What do I do? Make him jealous? Flirt with people when he is around? WHAT ?? Please help!!

  3. Beavis

    This might get a little long, but please read. I will give a best answer.
    Ive never talked to my boyfriend’s ex in person, but ive heard she says bad things about me and stuff.I dont really care, but I rather just be nice to her. so I decided I would leave her a comment online. Shes a freshman, im a sophomore.
    were talking a bit now. She seems to have no problem with it, and is nice.

    Ive heard that she still likes my boyfriend, so…you dont think that she’ll try to get to him now, do you?
    Im not going to become her friend or anything, Im just trying to be nice.

  4. Jairo

    I broke one of the ground rules for getting back with an ex of calling him up by breaking down and asking to get back together twice. But I also told him this last time that “you know psychologically, after i get over you, you’re probably gonna want me back?” and he agreed. He said “I will probably realize it but I guess I’ll just have to accept my losses then…i just dont feel the sparks we once had right now.” we were in a very close two year long distance relationship, so we are very open about the way we feel. At the end I told him that this is the last time I will let myself be sad over us, asked him if this was really what he wanted, he said yes, and we hugged and said goodbye.

    After reading all the “get your ex back” tips and realizing that I should’ve let him initiate the conversation and act cool about it as if i’ve moved on, I realize what a big mistake I’ve made.

    Do you think him and I still have a chance if I played my cards right?
    serious answers during this emotional time only, please.

    he expressed that he wanted to be friends until he felt he could try again but that he still has the feelings for me.

  5. Bryant B

    he’s an inconsiderate, a freak! he’s 22 and loves anime & video games! he calls me names & says he hates me, but when i truly leave he says he misses me! he broke my heart like i broke his once, he is a jelous freak! he thinks he’s beautiful and every girl wants him! he thinks he’s the best thing alive,tells me im the worst! he only competes with me in everything! he’s a show off! an idiot! hes stupid and not even funny! he’s a dork! and a hypocrite!! and i’ve hated him so bad but in th eend i miss what we once had and i know he’ll never love any other girl or have what we had with anyone else, so i love him and hope that he will realize, but he doesnt and its ruining my life! i cant stay anymore i need to move on i have like 5 guys wanting to be with me!& i like not one of them & im single and my ex has a gf now& i still call him sometimes even though he says he hates it whne i call help me! i become the type of girl i hate! its patheticim pathetic!help! need to get over him hate em!
    its horrible because i know he’s not good for me and i can do better and im usually prideful and nothing can bring me down, yet i’ve lowered myself to this! to even caring this much about a dick head! lik him! i want to hate him and forget him but i cant soon i miss him and wonder about him its so hard! i love him i love him no matter what, but i dont want to! its like a curse! give me advice please make me feel better about myself i feel so stupid.

  6. Squall Leonhart

    iv been talking to this girl for a while and we have so much in common and she agrees that we do have a connection but shes so stuck on her ex that its causing problems,and id like to get her over him because he treated her really bad and i know that i can make her happy and that we would be really good together.

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